How Long Does Egyptian Cotton Last

Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Really Last That Long?

Egyptian cotton is renowned for being one of the most luxurious fabrics that money can buy. It has a wonderfully smooth and silky finish that makes for some of the best sleep that you will ever have. However, there are many who are not willing to spend the extra money on Egyptian cotton sheets or duvets because they feel that the price is not justified. After all, regular cotton sheets are worn down and in tatters in less than ten years, so why spend more money on something that will fall apart just as quickly? You may be surprised to find you are wrong in your assumption.

The Truth About Egyptian Cotton

The truth is that Egyptian cotton that is true extra long staple cotton is not going to wear down sooner than regular cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton is significantly more durable than its more commonplace counterpart that you would find in any department store. Egyptian ELS cotton is made only in the Egyptian climate, but not all Egyptian cotton is high quality ELS and you can tell whether it’s real ELS cotton by the price. This climate produces an incredibly strong cotton that has very long fibers and the truth is that most true Egyptian ELS cotton never leaves Egypt.

Fiber length, as opposed to fiber count, is what gives a material its true durability and Egyptian cotton has exceptionally long fibers. This means that you can expect Egyptian cotton, if you treat it the way you would any other sheet, to last for significantly longer than a regular set of sheets that you would purchase.

Better Care = Longer Lasting

If you want your Egyptian cotton sheets to last even longer then you can make sure that happens by taking the best care of them possible. For instance, you should not use hot water when washing your Egyptian cotton sheets because they will break down faster due to the abrasiveness of the water. If you truly want them to last you a long amount of time then your best bet is to have them professionally cleaned.